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Men’s Support Is Coming to The University of Texas at Arlington

Updated: Apr 29

The Bettered Men is on a mission to bring advocacy and support to men on college campuses across the nation, starting with The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

A picture of The University of Texas at Arlington in the daytime with a blue sky and clouds. It includes The University of Texas at Arlington logo

The Birth of The Bettered Men Foundation

Our founder’s story begins at The University of Texas at Arlington. During his time at

the university, he experienced abuse and domestic violence at the hands of his ex-

fiancée. When he sought assistance from UTA staff, he was disappointedly told that "Unfortunately, there are no male Victim's Advocates at UTA....”

An email from The University of Texas at Arlington's Title IX Office that says "Unfortunately, there are no male Victim's Advocates at UTA...." Address listed as 841 W. Mitchell Center Arlington, Texas 76019. Phone number is 817-272-3788. Email sent from Roxanne Wigzell

The email that started The Bettered Men Foundation.

His experiences left him feeling isolated and unheard. During this time, he

experienced firsthand a significant gap in the system — a lack of resources and support for men and their circumstances. He decided to take matters into his own hands and

founded The Bettered Men Foundation with the goal of providing men with the support and resources they need to heal and thrive.

His personal struggles became the catalyst for change. He knew that he couldn’t be the

only man facing these challenges, and he wanted to create a support system for others like him. The Bettered Men Foundation was born out of this determination.

Why are we coming to UTA?

Having successfully created The Bettered Men Foundation and registering our organization as a 501.c.3 nonprofit, he decided to start his advocacy work where it all began: The University of Texas at Arlington. He believed that he could make a significant impact by addressing the lack of support at his former campus. The Bettered Men Foundation

began organizing workshops, awareness campaigns, and support groups specifically for male students at UTA.

Photo of Sir, the founder and director of The Bettered Men Foundation. He is a survivor of domestic violence and abuse who made it his mission to bring men's advocacy to college campuses and to provide men with a peace of mind

Providing Men with A Peace of Mind

Our founder’s vision for The Bettered Men Foundation is simple: to provide men with a peace of mind. Whether they’ve experienced domestic violence, discrimination, mental health struggles, or other challenges, he wants men to know that they are not alone. Our organization provides support groups, fitness groups, regular events tailored towards men, and other resources to empower men and enhance their well-being.

Please consider donating $1 to our Cash App or PayPal on our website to help us grow and bring support to men on multiple campuses.

QR Cash App code for The Bettered Men with the handle $TheBetteredMen. Please donate $1 :)

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