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This organization was started by a male survivor of domestic violence. Once he couldn't receive the support he needed, he decided to take it upon himself and create The Bettered Men. Now married, he wants to share awareness and help build healthy relationships for men everywhere.

Why do we focus on relationships?

Relationships are important and a healthy partnership can bring any man peace and happiness. By focusing on relationships, we can help build a better community for both men and women.

Why do we host support groups?


Our support groups are completely anonymous and more importantly free. In toxic relationships it is common for men to not have a healthy support system where they can learn and practice techniques from other men. All of the information we share are backed by professionals and free.

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What is a relationship mentor?


Building off our support groups are our relationships mentors. These men have volunteered their time to share their wisdom and experiences with other men who find themselves in difficult times. Please visit one of our groups to find or become a mentor!

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Why is fitness important?


It is well known that "couples who work out together, stay together." Moderate fitness is known to increase confidence, decrease stress, and it allows more time for you and your partner to spend time together. Come through and workout with us!



Help Support Our Cause

Please consider donating so we can continue providing help and awareness to our community. Anything helps!

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Your support for The Bettered Men Foundation is greatly appreciated. We are a 501©(3) nonprofit organization with the EIN 920802272, which means we are exempt from federal income tax. You may be able to deduct your donation from your taxable income, depending on your circumstances. Please refer to the IRS website at for more details.

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