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A logo of a red tie, white shirt, and black suit coat in the shape of a "V" with the words "The Bettered Men Foundation."

The Bettered Men was founded with the goal of providing men with a sense of peace by focusing on improving their relationships and overall well-being. Our mission is to create a standardized system of support and safe spaces for men on college campuses and their surrounding communities nationwide.

Our Programs

Support Groups


Our support groups are anonymous and free of charge. They’re a place where you can enhance your communication skills, learn from the experiences of other men, or talk about personal matters in a safe space.

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Relationship Mentor Program


Building off our support groups are our relationships mentors. These men have volunteered their time to share their wisdom and experiences with other men who find themselves in difficult times. Please visit one of our groups or contact us for more information.

A silhouette of men helping other men climb some rocks against an orange as the sun raise or sets with cloud.

Complimentary Bootcamps


 Moderate fitness is known to increase confidence and decrease stress. It can also allow more time for you, your friends or partner to spend time together. Visit one of our groups to be trained by a certified professional.


A new gym with purple tent representing our fitness groups "Planet Fitness"

Help Support Our Cause

Please consider donating so we can continue providing help and awareness to our community. Anything helps!

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Contact Us

Reach out to us to stay informed about our programs, services, and local events!

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